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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$50 Ticketmaster Gift Card Giveaway

Hey, guys! Just a quick reminder that the $50 Ticketmaster Gift Card Giveaway is coming to an end. The giveaway is over at midnight June 1st (you can enter up to 11:59p on May 31st). See the April 30th post below. Hurry up! Good luck!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Homeboy Sandman

Didn't Nas once say that hip-hop is dead? Well if that is true, Homeboy Sandman is resurrecting it. I know a lot of rap music nowadays is about sex, drugs, and money, but Homeboy Sandman has something else to say, and you ought to listen. You can distinguish a wannabe rapper (no offense) from a great rapper. A wannabe rapper can rap over a beat but not make it his own. A great rapper will make it seem like the beat is flowing out of his pores and his rhymes fit into the beat like pieces in a puzzle. Homeboy Sandman is a great rapper, and this is apparent in his song "The Carpenter" (which is in rotation on MTV) on his The Good Sun album. It is like his words are the oxygen in order for him to breathe. His style cannot be placed into one particular category. If you enjoy mainstream hip-hop, crank up the volume to "Canned Goods" on his EP Subject: Matter. If you enjoy underground hip-hop, bob your head to "Not Pop" on The Good Sun. You can tell that every lyric and every line was built with care, as if Homeboy Sandman rolled up his sleeves and meditated each word. When performing live, his energy will make you sweat and his stage presence is something like a twister in the sky. He will suck you in and make your head spin.

- Chimera EP (2012)
- Subject: Matter EP (2012)
- The Good Sun (2010)
- Actual Factual Pterodactyl (2008)
- Nourishment (Second Helpings) (2007)

Website: Homeboysandman.com

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jeff Taylor

When you first see Jeff Taylor of Dumpster Hunter set foot on stage, you will immediately feel like a pin in a bowling alley about to be struck down by a bowling ball. Once you are hit, you cannot help but be fixated by his presence and influential music. His band Dumpster Hunter, made up of Jeff, Mark Guiliana, and Steve Wall, recently released their 11-song debut LP titled Frustration in Time Travel this May. His music is experimental and fun, and he makes it seem like an effortless job when performing live. Even when listening to the music on your MP3 player, you will tell that Jeff has so much energy and looks to get you in the mood to rock. Just listen to the lead and title track on the LP called "Frustration in Time Travel." You will hear musical influences from classical rock bands, as in AC/DC or The Rolling Stones, with little specks of country music throughout. On the other hand, the song "It Swell," is avante-garde, with claps, unexpected picks of the guitar, and sentimental lyrics. If you want a taste, travel to Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) in New York City's LES on June 9th, June 30th, July 11th, and July 28th to catch one, some, or all of the upcoming shows.

Upcoming Shows:
June 9, 2012 @ 10p: Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) (New York City)
June 30, 2012: Rockwood Music Hall (New York City)
July 11, 2012: Rockwood Music Hall (New York City)
July 28, 2012: Rockwood Music Hall (New York City)

- Frustration in Time Travel (2012)

Website: DumpsterHunter.com

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fredericks Brown

Fredericks Brown, made up of vocalist Deva Mahal (daughter of blues musician Taj Mahal), keyboardist Steph Brown, and guitarist Michael Taylor, is a band that creates sophisticated music with lovely harmonies and sweet melodies. Hailing from New Zealand, you can distinguish their cultural heritage embedded in their music. Their live performance at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) on Saturaday night was electric, and every lyric sung by Deva was vulnerable and honest. With a rockish and soulful progression, their song "What Lies Within" first verse hits you with genuine words: "Tell me what you're putting on the table, 'cause I'm so tired of laying my heart on the line / You better think 'bout taking me for granted, 'cause I ain't afraid to pack my bags and leave this all behind". The lyrics will take you there. With elaborate lyrics, volcanic vocals, and brillant beats, Fredericks Brown will have you hooked.

- Land of Plenty (2011)
- Out of the Rain (2010)

Website: FredericksBrown.com

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Million Years

I have a process when I search for a musician/band to be featured on my blog. I search different music venues in New York City and go through the many musical artists on the calendars. When I came across A Million Years on the Spike Hill calendar, a Brooklyn-based restaurant with a music venue attached, I went straight to the band's website and clicked play on their song "Suspicious". I was immediately infected by the galvanic sound of the electric guitar, which introduced the raw vocals, booming bass guitar, and striking drums. In that moment, I told myself "definitely." The band has been climbing to higher levels, and recently opened up for the bands 30 Seconds to Mars and Phoneix. Yeah, fo' real. I know you see the classic band set-up of 1) a singer, 2) an electric guitarist, 3) a bass guitarist, and 4) a drummer, but A Million Years stands out from the rest, with music that will invigorate the senses.

- No Distance (single, 2011)
- Bsides_RMXS (2011)
- Mischief Maker (2010)

Website: amillionyears.net