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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jeff Taylor

When you first see Jeff Taylor of Dumpster Hunter set foot on stage, you will immediately feel like a pin in a bowling alley about to be struck down by a bowling ball. Once you are hit, you cannot help but be fixated by his presence and influential music. His band Dumpster Hunter, made up of Jeff, Mark Guiliana, and Steve Wall, recently released their 11-song debut LP titled Frustration in Time Travel this May. His music is experimental and fun, and he makes it seem like an effortless job when performing live. Even when listening to the music on your MP3 player, you will tell that Jeff has so much energy and looks to get you in the mood to rock. Just listen to the lead and title track on the LP called "Frustration in Time Travel." You will hear musical influences from classical rock bands, as in AC/DC or The Rolling Stones, with little specks of country music throughout. On the other hand, the song "It Swell," is avante-garde, with claps, unexpected picks of the guitar, and sentimental lyrics. If you want a taste, travel to Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) in New York City's LES on June 9th, June 30th, July 11th, and July 28th to catch one, some, or all of the upcoming shows.

Upcoming Shows:
June 9, 2012 @ 10p: Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) (New York City)
June 30, 2012: Rockwood Music Hall (New York City)
July 11, 2012: Rockwood Music Hall (New York City)
July 28, 2012: Rockwood Music Hall (New York City)

- Frustration in Time Travel (2012)

Website: DumpsterHunter.com

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  1. Very good! What a refreshing artist. I will probably go ahead and attend some of his other shows esp. at Rockwood.