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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Homeboy Sandman

Didn't Nas once say that hip-hop is dead? Well if that is true, Homeboy Sandman is resurrecting it. I know a lot of rap music nowadays is about sex, drugs, and money, but Homeboy Sandman has something else to say, and you ought to listen. You can distinguish a wannabe rapper (no offense) from a great rapper. A wannabe rapper can rap over a beat but not make it his own. A great rapper will make it seem like the beat is flowing out of his pores and his rhymes fit into the beat like pieces in a puzzle. Homeboy Sandman is a great rapper, and this is apparent in his song "The Carpenter" (which is in rotation on MTV) on his The Good Sun album. It is like his words are the oxygen in order for him to breathe. His style cannot be placed into one particular category. If you enjoy mainstream hip-hop, crank up the volume to "Canned Goods" on his EP Subject: Matter. If you enjoy underground hip-hop, bob your head to "Not Pop" on The Good Sun. You can tell that every lyric and every line was built with care, as if Homeboy Sandman rolled up his sleeves and meditated each word. When performing live, his energy will make you sweat and his stage presence is something like a twister in the sky. He will suck you in and make your head spin.

- Chimera EP (2012)
- Subject: Matter EP (2012)
- The Good Sun (2010)
- Actual Factual Pterodactyl (2008)
- Nourishment (Second Helpings) (2007)

Website: Homeboysandman.com

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  1. Oh, yyeeaah! The performance was really good. I will surely purchase some iTunes-available music by him. Thank you!