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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Million Years

I have a process when I search for a musician/band to be featured on my blog. I search different music venues in New York City and go through the many musical artists on the calendars. When I came across A Million Years on the Spike Hill calendar, a Brooklyn-based restaurant with a music venue attached, I went straight to the band's website and clicked play on their song "Suspicious". I was immediately infected by the galvanic sound of the electric guitar, which introduced the raw vocals, booming bass guitar, and striking drums. In that moment, I told myself "definitely." The band has been climbing to higher levels, and recently opened up for the bands 30 Seconds to Mars and Phoneix. Yeah, fo' real. I know you see the classic band set-up of 1) a singer, 2) an electric guitarist, 3) a bass guitarist, and 4) a drummer, but A Million Years stands out from the rest, with music that will invigorate the senses.

- No Distance (single, 2011)
- Bsides_RMXS (2011)
- Mischief Maker (2010)

Website: amillionyears.net

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