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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Man Without Country

Man Without Country
Let's say you are walking down a normal-looking street going nowhere in particular with the sun directly above. Just one of those ordinary days. All of a sudden, the sun plummets beneath the horizon causing complete darkness while you are transfixed by flashing colorful lights making it feel like a seizure is ripping through your body. To top it off, your ears are pierced by an electronic sound made up of a melody and harmony that helps you to see that the moment is welcoming and something that you have been longing to feel without even knowing. This is what it felt like at Knitting Factory on Saturday March 9 when Man Without Country hit the stage. The band from South Wales absolutely blew me away, to say the least. Get to know the band from the video interview below.

Man Without Country Interview from Lailaa Salaam on Vimeo.

Upcoming Shows:
- April 26, 2013 @ TBD: Focus Wales 2013 (Wrexham, United Kingdom)

- Foe (Coming June 2013)
- Closet Addicts Anonymous (2012)
- Puppets (2012)
- King Complex - EP (2011)
- Inflammable Heart (2011)

Website: ManWithoutCountry.com

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