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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kimberly Nichole

Kimberly Nichole
There are so many words to describe the musical artist Kimberly Nichole. She is a talented musician that has sweet passion behind her powerful vocals and has a fun, creative, and colorful style. On Saturday 3/2/13 at Mercury Lounge, Kimberly Nichole performed an array of songs, including the covers "Seven Nation Army" and "What's Up?" (see the videos of the songs that night below). She may wear a ballerina-inspired wardrobe that looks innocent, but she is a true rocker that will kick you in the face with her music. I guess that is why her nickname is The Rock Ballerina. I suggest you get the experience too at her upcoming performances listed below. Also, read the exclusive interview with Kimberly Nichole after the videos!

Interview with Kimberly Nichole
(MD=Music Dosage, KN=Kimberly Nichole)

MD: Can you give me a brief history of how you came to be a musician? 
KN: There are a lot of  musicians in my family, so I believe it really started with my mom who is a piano player and singer. She sang gospel and in an R&B band in Seattle when I was kid. She nurtured me and my sister at a very young age in musicianship and performing. I've been performing since I was a little girl in church. 

MD: Can you describe the meaning of your song "Little Girl New" (lyrics and how you came about writing the song)? 
KN: That song is special to me because I woke up one day with the melody and lyrics. It was like I dreamt the song and it became a reality. It's just a story about the journey, what you experience during it, the doubts and uncertainties and not letting any of that stand in your way. 

MD: Who are your top three favorite musicians of all time?
KN: That's a hard one! I love so many. I'll say the three that are really teaching and inspiring me at the moment are Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Nirvana and James Brown.

MD: What is that one song that you cannot but sing in the shower?
KN: One of the new songs I'm writing. There's no title yet, but it's paying homage to Seattle's grunge movement... in the musicianship and how I'm vocally delivering it. 

MD: Why do you call yourself The Rock Ballerina? 
KN: I actually pulled it from an interview Andre Leon Talley did with my mentor Valerie Simpson. She said I was a "rock ballerina...wild and wonderful". It really fits my style. I typically wear skirts onstage that are inspired by ballerinas and my show is very wild, so I just ran with that saying.  

MD: What is one major milestone thus far in your musical career?
KN: My goodness. There have been a few. Releasing my debut album and funding it myself, and writing it with my creative partner Q Kegler. Also, I received the ASCAP foundation's Reach Out and Touch Award in memory of Nick Ashford. There have been a few more, but I'm just so grateful for every opportunity and door that has been opened for me.

MD: You have great fashion sense. What inspires you to choose the clothing that you wear? 
KN: Thank you. I'm inspired by many things - classic style, rock style, modern style - hell, life and how I'm feeling inspires what I wear. One of my style idols Iris Apfel once said style is a reflection of who you are and it comes from your soul. I believe that. 

MD: Can you describe the feeling when you hit the stage live to perform? 
KN: It is such a natural high, like a spiritual high. I feel like I can conquer anything when on stage performing. I don't think words can fully describe the feeling. It has to be personally experienced.

MD: Do you have a particular routine before you perform live? 
KN: Not really. I try my best to not get too stressed before a performance. I almost treat the day like it's any other day, so I won't feel pressured or too self conscience about what may or may not happen during the performance. Cardio and vocal warm-ups are a routine before a performance as well. 

MD: What is one of your favorite lyrics from any song?
KN: "At first flash of Eden we race down to the sea, standing there on freedom's shore, waiting for the sun, waiting for the sun." from The Doors' "Waiting for the Sun". Also one of my favorite groups :)

Upcoming Shows:
- March 14, 2013 @ 11:30p (SONY City Showcase): Hanger Lounge (Austin, TX)
- March 15, 2013 @ 4:30p (Swing House/Hype Showcase): Rusty's (Austin, TX)

- YBJ Reloaded - EP (2012)
- The Rock Ballerina (2011)
- The Yellow Brick Journey (2011)

Website: KimberlyNichole.com

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