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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


RAILBIRD was crazy good at Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday March 30th. There sound is like nothing I've heard before. They experiment with different sounds and instruments, including cell phones and walkie-talkies (see the interview below for more details). Even though I have only seen RAILBIRD perform live once, I bet their live shows are always different, with surprises and unexpected sparkles here and there. With the combination of lead singer Sarah K. Pedinotti's lullaby-like lyrics and vocals and the bands guitar riffs, keyboard melodies, and drum beats, RAILBIRD is sure to be attracting new fans everyday in every direction.     

Railbird JumpShip from MUSICDosage on Vimeo.

Interview with RAILBIRD
(MD=MUSICDosage, SP=Lead singer from RAILBIRD Sarah K. Pedinotti)

MD: Is there a particular reason why you named your band RAILBIRD?
SP: Yes, but we are looking for a new name.  Let us know if you have any suggestions!

MD: I was reading on MTVHive.com that your song “Mirrors” was build off a cell phone glitch sound. How did that end up happening?
SP: We were making the demo and my cell phone made that weird sound when you put it too close to the keyboard, so we sampled it and looped it. 

MD: What are some instruments/devices/equipment that you experimented with when making your music?
SP: Cell phones and walkie-talkies.

MD: How was the experience of performing at the 4th Annual Roots Picnic with The Roots, Esperanza Spalding, and Nas in June 2011?
SP: Great!!!!!! The best :)

MD: Can you describe how you came up with your song “Ashes In”?
SP: I was reading South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami by a sunny window. Chris' grandmother, who we were both very close to, was dying. It was the dead of winter. He had a guitar. I found a pen. 

MD: What is one of the nicest/weirdest/most surprising things a fan has said to you?
SP: "Do you want a baby hamster?" 

MD: I love your video for “Jump Ship”! What is the meaning of it all?
SP: It's a hard one to put your finger on but we tried to capture the feeling of the lyrics. 

MD: What genre of music would you place your music?
SP: Alternative Pop.

MD: What is one of your all time favorite lyric from any musician/band?
SP: "This was a Pizza Hut, now it's all covered with daisies." - "Nothing But Flowers" from the Talking Heads' final album Naked.

MD: Do you have a particular routine before hitting the stage?
SP: A lot of jumping and squealing.

Upcoming Shows:
- April 22, 2013 @ 8:00p: The Knitting Factory (Brooklyn, NY)
- May 3, 2013 @ 8:00p: Cameo Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

- Railbird Remixes (2013)
- Lucky - EP (2012)
- No One (2011)

Website: RAILBIRDband.com

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