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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Navegante (meaning "Navigator" in English) is a band that isn't afraid to blend different genres of music together. Risky, but it definitely works. With traces of rock, electronic, hip hop, funk, latin, and trance, Navegante will charge your speakers like a bull on steroids. The full-length album Rebel Ship Rock is loaded with songs that are well-sculpted, and organized to stimulate a mental roller coaster, which you will want to ride over and over again. The tune "Rebel Ship Rock," that kicks the album into motion, starts out with a sound that sparks an image of an army approaching over the foggy hills, while the opponent stands firm and ready to fight. As the drums come in to ease the tension, instead of the armies exploding into combat, they put their guns down and break into a dance-off. If this one song can elicit this elaborate image, just imagine what their other songs can do. Their live show last weekend at The Bowery Ballroom was spectacular, with lights and sounds that will lift those goose bumps on your skin. To experience their musical yumminess, make sure to mark your calender for June 25, when they will be hitting the stage at W.I.P. in NYC.

- All In Ur Head (single release) (2011)
- Rebel Ship Rock (2011)

Upcoming Shows:
- June 25, 2012: W.I.P. (New York, NY)

Website: Navegante.bandcamp.com

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