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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Army Girls

Hailing from Toronto, Army Girls, made up of Carmen Elle on guitar and vocals and Andy Smith on drums, is a two piece rock band. Even though there are only two members in the band, the sound they make is explosive and vibrates the earth that you stand on. Carmen has no problem dancing around on stage will strumming the guitar. Andy's cool and collected manner makes it seem like playing the drums is like taking a walk in the park. They balance each other out. Listening to their music on their album is like listening to them play right in the comfort of your living room, like in that Powerball Lottery commercial with Cyndi Lauper. Even though they are from Canada, they fit right into the music scene in Brooklyn. Having performed at Glasslands Gallery in BK on May 26th, they impressed the audience with their many songs, such as "The Power," on the album Close To The Bone and "Twice," their single released in May 2012. Carmen and Andy have played in many bands before collaborating; and thank goodness they found one another, because they surely know the formula for magic.

- Twice (single) (2012)
- Close to the Bone EP (2011)

Upcoming Shows:
- June 13, 2012 @ 9p: Supermarket (Toronto, ON)
- June 14, 2012: El Mocambo (Toronto, ON)
- June 29, 2012: The Silver Dollar (Toronto, ON)

Website: ArmyGirls.bandcamp.com

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