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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Morning Code

Artist Info: The Morning Code—made up of Ashwin on guitar and vocals, Doug on drums, Eric on guitar, and Justin on bass guitar—makes music that is like a delicious pot of soup, with a taste of energetic and pulsating sounds that will surround you and a bit of soothing melodies that will quench your appetite. Throw in vocals that will have you in a trance, a dash of guitar chords that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, and a handful of blows on the kick-drum keeping everything in sync, and you will find yourself coming back for seconds. This band makes it look easy to make music that attracts the crowds. The song “Primal” on the album Tell Someone has an extreme sound similar to the band Muse, while the song “Keep On” on the same album starts out so sweet and so innocent but then erupts right into your eardrums, comparable to the songs by the band The Fray. In all, The Morning Code will satisfy your thirst.

- Tell Someone (2010)
- Superhero Complex (2007)

Website: www.themorningcode.com


  1. Hey! Are there any upcoming shows?

  2. No upcoming shows as of yet, but keep checking their website for updates.