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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back Again

Youtube.com is making me mad. I have tried uploading videos that I recorded of an artist that performed in NYC but it keeps giving me the message "the server has returned an invalid response". I don't have tiiiiime for that mess. Due to this, I am moving back to BlogSpot, which I should have never left in the first place. Please forgive me, BlogSpot and subbies! People make mistakes ::::::tear:::::

I am going to change how I do things here at MusicDosage. Instead of video recording musicians who perform their music live in NYC, record video interviews, and write musician biographies, I will keep the former, delete the latter, and keep the middle (but written interviews only). If that is a bit confusing (even to me it is and I wrote it), read the clearer description below:

1. Video record musicians who perform live in music venues around NYC.
2. Musicians will answer my interview questions in written-form only (no more video interviews).

I am only doing written interviews now because the quality of some of the video interviews that I recorded in the past are not up to par (the videos have a dark contrast because most of the interviews are done at night before or after the musician performs, and it's hard to get good lighting in a music venue). Because of this, video interviews are out, for now. Maybe in the future I can have my own interview spot like Oprah. Ha funny (Yes, I laugh at my own jokes).

All in all, let's get it started, again. As always, I will be holding contests/giveaways/sweepstakes/whatnots.

Don't miss out!



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